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Proofreading might not always be enough. You may want to improve the style, the wording, and maybe also the flow of the text. This is a more comprehensive review and adaptation of the text. Suggestions for changes are provided.


Besides basic proofreading, the following is included

  • adaptation of the text with the recipient and the purpose of the text in mind

  • choice of words (for example, do elderly words need to be replaced, or do difficult words need explaining?)

  • style and tone

  • flow of the language with the help of, for instance, changes of sentence structure

  • uniformity (are for example numbers, lists and abbreviations written similarly throughout the text?)

  • arrangement and headlining


We proofread and review

  • websites

  • advertising and marketing materials

  • brochures

  • reports

  • articles

  • press releases

  • applications

  • customer letters

N.B. We proofread your texts - we don't fact check them. Neither do we re-write school essays, C- or D-essays or similar.

How we get started

Fill out the form on the Contact page.

  • Shortly describe your text: How long is it? What type of text is it?

  • In what context will you be using the text?

  • How soon do you need the text?

  • Any special requirements?

  • Upload the text.


You aren't required to upload the text until we have agreed on the terms but it is always useful for us to get some idea beforehand.


We will of course treat your texts with great care and never share the contents of the material.


1,40 kr/word

375 kr/page

Minimum charge 725 kr, regardless of the length of the text.

Prices are exclusive of Swedish VAT.

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